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Welcome to our Team: Kelly

We have recently added Kelly to our tour operations staff.  Learn a little bit more about her interesting background in today’s The Beer in ME post.

I’ve written before about how many of our current and past staff members have joined the Maine Brew Bus team shortly after moving to Portland.

It’s a great way to learn about a new community by visiting multiple small (but growing) locally owned businesses on a weekly basis.

And by talking to our guests, it can often reaffirm a big decision recently made to live in the community of Portland.

Kelly is a perfect example. She contacted us in October as she had made the decision to relocate from Boston to Portland.

Her professional background is in science, but like so many people she really wanted to also work for something that she is passionate about: Beer.

Kelly attired in Red Sox gear while working in Boston. 

Kelly attired in Red Sox gear while working in Boston.

She had been on a brewery bus tour in the Portsmouth area before, so she knew a little of what to expect. Education, friendship, fun, and of course lots of types and styles of beer.

Here is what Kelly has to say about herself in her own words:

I just moved to Portland from Boston where I worked for the last 8 years sleep depriving people in the name of scientific research.

Years of working overnights and spending time with sleepy, grumpy subjects led to a lot of day drinking, and thus a profound appreciation for beer.

When given a choice, I will always go for the IPA I haven’t yet tried and more recently have been growing a fondness for sours and wilds.

My job is at Unum, my home is in Westbrook, but my life is in nature. I spent three months in 2015 hiking and backpacking through the national parks of the Western US and southern Canada, and would some day love to do the same in Patagonia. Ideally with a pack of llamas to carry my beer.

I have very quickly and deeply fallen in love with Maine and all it has to offer, primarily its natural beauty, kind people and abundance of quality craft beer.

Needless to say, joining the Maine Brew Bus team is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Kelly on one of her awesome outdoor adventures. 

Kelly on one of her awesome outdoor adventures.

Join with us and welcome Kelly to our team. You can catch her safely driving and future guiding on our Saturday tours. Check out our tour schedule and book your seats today.

Don Littlefield is the Assistant Principal of The Maine Brew Bus. You can find him tomorrow at the historic armory in Pawtucket, RI at the Rhode Island Brew Fest promoting the idea of “Beercationing” in Maine. Twitter: @BeerinME