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Asheville’s Brewery Scene

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Asheville Brewery Information

History of Beer: A Long Way From Asheville Breweries

Throughout history, the art of the brew has been tradition – passed down from father to son, generation to generation. In fact, beer is one of the world’s oldest beverages created by man. Beer may even date to 9000 BC, and there are written records in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt of its existence.  The earliest known chemical evidence of beer dates 3500–3100 BC in now western Iran, and some early Sumerian writings contain an ancient prayer with reference to a recipe for beer.

The Rise of Craft Breweries

Today beer is widely available in the mass produced, mass marketed versions such as the many brands by Anheuser Busch, Coors and Miller. Luckily, however, in many cities like Asheville North Carolina, microbreweries are still creating delectable handcrafted brews. In fact “craft brews” as they are known, are becoming increasingly popular as more and more breweries open each year.

Local Brewing in Asheville

It is probably safe to say that over the years, beer just may have been perfected. This certainly does seem to be the case in the city of Asheville, NC. In May 2010, Asheville was aptly named “Beer City, USA” by an online poll posted by founder of the American Homebrewers Association Charlie Papazian on With a plethora of local breweries to choose from, the beer aficionado should have no trouble finding a pint to rave about.



What You Can Expect to Find at an Asheville Brewery

These Asheville breweries all offer a variety of beers ranging from pale ales, Belgians, lagers, porters, stouts and everything in between, as well as seasonal varieties.  Each brewery has its own version of a tasting room with a wide range of amenities. While some have a cozy little area with a few tables, others offer a long winding bar or are actually in a restaurant. Many offer live entertainment. And while visiting the tasting rooms does offer you the unique opportunity (and ambiance) of experiencing the final product amid gleaming vats and sacks and barrels of grain, the handcrafted beers are also widely available in local pubs and eateries.

Planning a Beer Safari?

For those looking to try the different breweries in Western North Carolina or even, dare I say, in another city, plan your trip by visiting the Beer Mapping Project at to see all the breweries laid out on a map.

Asheville Brewery Festivals

If you, like many others, feel that a good beer is something to celebrate, you will certainly find an Asheville festival to suit your taste.

Asheville NC Brewgrass Festival

The Brewgrass Festival is an annual fest that combines approximately 40 American breweries to showcase more than 120 different beers in combination with some wonderful bluegrass music.  This Asheville festival usually takes place in September when the gorgeous Asheville leaves have just started to turn. For information regarding this year’s Brewgrass Festival in Asheville NC go to

Oktoberfest in Asheville

The Asheville Oktoberfest is held in October on the beautiful cobblestoned road of Wall Street in Downtown Asheville, near the Flat Iron Building. Many visitors, shop owners, and chefs dress in their German best!

Asheville Breweries at Other Local Festivals

And of course the breweries are well represented at many of the annual festivals such as Bele Chere, LEAF, Downtown After 5, and the like.

Asheville Brews Cruise

For those looking to learn about the process of creating the perfect beer, the Asheville Brews Cruise may be the answer. The Asheville Brews Cruise visits three local breweries for a tour and tasting where you will, as cruise founder Mark Lyons says, “see the whole process from grain to bottle.” And they are the designated driver, so you can thoroughly relax and enjoy!

Brewing in Asheville: An All Around Good Time!

So next time you have a hankering for an especially good beer, get yourself down to a local Asheville brewery and raise a pint to the art and craft of the brew.

Asheville Night Life

If you’re ready to see the hard work of all the local Asheville Breweries in action why not check out the Bar scene in Asheville. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to sit and sip, or a rocking roadhouse to kick your heels up and dance, our directory of Bars and Clubs will help you plan your ideal evening. See Asheville NC the way the locals do: through beer goggles.