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Luck in Every Dark Pour: Our Pick of Four Maine Brewed Stouts for March

Stouts on a green background.

While St. Patrick’s Day is arguably the most celebrated of March holidays, its iconic green color serves as a friendly reminder that spring is just around the corner. The cold, dark nights of winter will soon give way to emerging greenery and flowing sap.

Four Maine Stout Canned Beers Lined Up

A perfect beer to enjoy during the month of March is the centuries-old Irish Stout. Maine brewers offer their unique takes on this classic jet-black beer, infusing it with local flavors like maple syrup and even creating non-alcoholic craft beer options that rival traditional offerings. The warm, full feeling after drinking a smooth and flavorful stout is the perfect remedy for Maine’s final chill before Spring.

Sit back and discover our four-pack pick of Maine-brewed stouts and then head to the Portland Beer Hub to taste them all.

Definitive Brewing: Elegance

Close up of a Maine Stout in a glass held out by woman's hand

Definitive Brewing, offers a classic rendition of this jet-black brew with Elegance. This stout is crafted with a deep appreciation for its beloved pub origins, blending roasted English malts with the warm embrace of toasted mocha and the rich allure of dark chocolate.

With a 5.0% ABV, Elegance stands as a testament to the age-old art of brewing. Medium-bodied, remarkably dry, and irresistibly smooth, each sip transports you to the essence of stout perfection.

As March’s Brewer of the Month, we’ll be hosting a free Definitive Tasting on Friday March 15th. Kick start the St. Patrick’s Day weekend with us at the Portland Beer Hub and sample other Irish inspired beers like their Red Ale.


Mast Landing: Gunner’s Daughter

a glass of beer on a table

Stouts are cherished beyond Irish shores for their dark hues, roasted bitterness, and sometimes sweet undertones. This classic beer offers a warm, full sensation ideal for the colder months. This warmth has made stouts a favored choice among Maine’s brave seafarers.

Gunner’s Daughter, a 5.5% ABV stout, is a mesmerizing dark brew that pays tribute to Maine’s maritime lore. It’s a slightly sweet milk stout with a harmonious blend of peanut butter, coffee, and dark chocolate flavors.

Dive into the enchanting world of Gunner’s Daughter and set sail through Maine’s rich maritime heritage and flavors.


Blaze Brewing: Whiteout

A Maine Stout in a glass held in front of Blaze Brewing

Another must-try stout this month is Blaze Brewing’s Whiteout Stout, a unique twist on the traditional with flavors inspired by Maine. Whiteout combines the rich taste of maple with the cozy flavors of graham cracker and a hint of coconut.

An 8% Imperial Stout, Whiteout retains the classic jet-black color but is lightly carbonated for a smooth finish. Inspired by the cold, long winter nights, Blaze’s Whiteout is the perfect companion for warming up as we transition to spring.

Mark your calendars for Maine Maple Weekend on March 23- 24th, and celebrate with Whiteout for a true Maine tradition both in and out of the glass.


Woodland Farms: Dark

Woodland Dark N/A Stout in a can and a glass.


For those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day without alcohol, Woodland Farms offers Dark, a non-alcoholic stout. The Maine craft beer scene continues to evolve, extending its artisanal creations to include non-alcoholic options for all to enjoy.

Woodland Farms Dark delivers the full, comforting richness of traditional stouts without the alcohol, catering to discerning tastes. For a non-alcoholic choice that doesn’t skimp on flavor, Woodland Farms NA Dark is unmatched, offering a depth and complexity that rivals its alcoholic counterparts, perfect for any occasion.



As we celebrate the richness of March and the unique heritage of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s clear that the world of Maine craft beer offers something special for everyone. From the deep, roasted notes of a classic stout to innovative, non-alcoholic options that impress with every sip, the diversity and creativity of Maine brewers are truly something to be savored.

We invite you to delve deeper into the vibrant Maine beer scene. Whether you’re a local or planning your next visit to our beautiful state, consider taking a tour to explore the craftsmanship behind these exceptional brews firsthand.

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About Zach’s Monthly Four-Pack Pick Blog:

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