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Good Times On Tap On Brews Cruise

a glass mug on a table

It came to Mark Lyons like a bolt out of the blue. For a long time, Asheville has had a burgeoning microbrew scene, but the breweries had never really become a part of the area’s visitor industry. Lyons, however, was about to change that. “It was an epiphany”, he says, “It all came at once. The idea, the concept… even the name.” And thus the Asheville Brews Cruise was born.

It only made sense. With six microbreweries currently in business and more on the way, Asheville will soon have more brewers per capita than Portland, Oregon – the microbrewing mecca. Lyons decided to “tap” into that vein and bring beer aficionados from near and far to some of Asheville’s breweries, to learn about the process, philosophy, and history of each. And, of course, to sample the beer. With a background in the tourism industry and a 12-seat Ford passenger van, Lyons – and the Brews Cruise – was on its way. For the cornerstones of his tour, Lyons chose three popular breweries that serve up three very distinct tastes and experiences… …read the entire article HERE