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Have you seen the news?

The Maine Brew Bus has been featured in several major news outlets over the past few weeks. In case you missed it, here is what is being said to encourage people to visit Maine and take our award-winning brewery tours.

National Geographic Travel Best Fall Escapes in the United States – Follow the Maine Beer Trail. Whether you are sipping a Gruit brew on the funky streets of Portland or at Pennesseewassee Brewing in the far-flung Western Maine Mountains, sample delicious craft brews while exploring the state’s the stunning natural beauty and quaint towns. PRACTICAL TIP: Try a guided tour, like the The Maine Brew Bus, so no one has to worry about driving. September 1, 2016

Business Insider 13 things you must do in Maine – Tour local breweries for some fresh local beer. Portland is chock-full of amazing breweries, like Allagash, and you can take a spin on The Maine Brew Bus to tour local craft breweries, including Rising Tide. But Portland’s not the the only place to visit. Among others are the Sea Dog Brewing Co. in Bangor and the Baxter Brewing Co. in Lewiston/Auburn. August 31, 2016

Travel + Leisure The Perfect Three-Day Weekend in Portland, Maine – Now, time for the brews. If you’re traveling by car, it’s no trouble to drive around the greater Portland area to tour various breweries (like the esteemed Allagash Brewery and Bissell Brothers Brewing Company), but the easiest option is to hop aboard The Maine Brew Bus, which leaves for tours from the Craft Beer Cellar on Commercial Street. The bus takes beer lovers from venue to venue on an all-inclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of Portland’s craft breweries. At $55 per person, the tour bus varies which breweries it makes stops at depending on the day of the week and the theme of the tour (tours run midday on weekends and weekdays, lasting for several hours). August 23, 2016 The 10 Best Craft Beer Towns in America – The other Portland gets all the attention, but Maine’s largest city (which, by the way, is still super small) is the stand-out when it comes to beer. The big boys in the city’s craft beer scene are Allagash, Maine Beer Company, and Shipyard, but there are a ton of other really fantastic small breweries, as well — and Portland bars and restaurants are super supportive of their local breweries. One of the best ways to visit all of them is to take The Maine Brew Bus, which hits up a ton of breweries in the Greater Portland Area. August 17, 2016

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Are you thirsty now to visit Portland or Southern Maine? Check out the official travel website for the area at Cheers!

Don Littlefield is the General Manager of The Maine Brew Bus. One of his roles is to coordinate media inquiries for the company and he would love to connect with more outlets. He last enjoyed a Night Shift Morph IPA Batch 8/25/16. Twitter: @BeerinME