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Savor the Season: 4 Craft Beverages To Enjoy Outside this May

Photo of Maine craft canned cocktails photographed at Dimillos Wharf with Portland in the background.

Maine bursts to life in May, with natural beauty and an abundance of local flavors. It’s the perfect time to switch things up with our handpicked selection of canned craft cocktails and hard seltzers, ideal for your first outdoor gatherings of the season. Whether it’s a sunny backyard barbecue or a serene evening under the stars, these refreshments embody the essence of Maine summer.

Let’s crack these open!

Dasch Seltzer | Blueberry Hard Seltzer

Canned Blueberry Seltzer on drift wood with obscured beach background

Photo courtesy of Dasch Seltzer

This isn’t just another fruity beverage; it’s a sip of Maine’s summer landscape. Dasch Seltzer has skillfully combined the sweetness of locally harvested wild blueberries with the purity of Maine water, resulting in a hard seltzer that refreshes and surprises with every sip. At 6.3% ABV, it’s robust enough to keep the evening interesting, yet light enough to enjoy all night long. It’s a genuine taste of Maine’s natural bounty, perfect for cooling down as the day heats up.




Apres | Pine Rickey Lemon Lime Pine Hard Seltzer

Apres Canned Pine Ricky on a table with wood fired pizza.

Photo courtesy of Apres


If Maine were a flavor, it would surely taste like this Pine Rickey. With a crisp infusion of lemon and lime, balanced by the earthy notes of white pine foraged from the local forests, this drink captures the bold spirit of Maine in every can. At only 5% ABV, it’s as refreshing as a gentle breeze off the coast, ideal for pairing with seafood feasts or simply quenching your thirst during a lively outdoor party.





Maine Craft Distilling | Cranberry Island Cocktail

Cranberry Island Canned Cocktail in a boat cup holder, the ocean landscape obscured in the background

Photo courtesy of Maine Craft Distilling

Inspired by the rugged charm of New England, the Cranberry Island Cocktail showcases the tartness of New England cranberries blended perfectly with Maine Craft Distilling’s clean, crisp Blackcap Vodka and a splash of lime. This sparkling 7% ABV cocktail offers a refreshing finish that’s reminiscent of a sunny day spent along Maine’s picturesque shoreline. It’s a celebration of local harvest and artisanal distillation, crafted to enhance your sunny day escapades or twilight gatherings.




Three of Strong | Rum Punch Pineapple Maté

Three of Strong canned cocktails photographed in from of the Portland waterfront at Jay's Oyster.

Step into a vivid scene of Casco Bay’s island life with the Rum Punch Pineapple Maté from Three of Strong. This cocktail combines the exotic sweetness of pineapple, a twist of zesty lime, and the unique flavor of yerba maté, rounded out with ToS’s locally celebrated Stone Pier Rum. At 7.9% ABV, this concoction is both invigorating and relaxing, embodying the adventurous and laid-back spirit of Maine’s coastal summer.



As the landscape of Maine flourishes, so does the opportunity to enjoy the unique craft beverages that this state offers. Each of these cocktails is crafted with care, using local ingredients that tell a story of Maine’s rich natural resources and creative culture.

Feeling tempted to taste these unique flavors? Swing by the Portland Beer Hub or hop on a Maine Brews Cruise to explore these and other exceptional local craft beverages in person.

Whether you’re up for an adventure or just want to chill with a good drink, we’ve got you covered with options for everyone, including non-alcoholic and gluten-free choices. Come join us and see what Maine’s craft scene has to offer!

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