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The Best Types of Beers that You’ll Find in Raleigh

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Treat Yourself with the Best Beer in Raleigh

It is no secret that Raleigh North Carolina is now becoming a beer lover’s hub. Recently, it was hailed as one of the top beer destinations in the world for 2019. This is not a surprising accolade for a city that is home to one of the world’s best beer festivals, innovative breweries and emerging beer culture.

If you are a beer lover looking for one of the most amazing beer experiences, Raleigh should definitely be on your destination list. The breweries in Raleigh have comprehensive beer offerings that you should try. Do not miss out on the fun and visit Raleigh to try the best beers that you can drink.


Porter is a dark, medium-bodied beer that originated from the rowdy pubs of London. It is sought after by beer lovers because of its malty goodness that is balanced by a mixture of hops. History tells that porter was invented by a barman who mixed lighter beers with old-age ales. The beverage became popular and brewing companies created their own brewing processes without the need for mixing in the bar.

Raleigh is also widely visited for its porter beers. Breweries use locally sourced ingredients to give their own signature flavor to the popular dark-styled beer. You can take a sip of the porter beer that is blended with coffee, cocoa, molasses and other ingredients for a unique and satisfying taste.


Ale is a type of beer that is fermented using a warm brewing method. Typically, ale has a sweet and full-bodied taste with a hint of fruity accents. Ale is one of the most popular types of beers and it has a number of varieties that include Indian pale ale, brown ale, pale ale, Scotch ale, golden ale, Belgian ale and more.

You can find tons of ale beers offered in the pubs of Raleigh. Each brewery in Raleigh brews various ale varieties that have the perfect balance of taste and texture.


Lager can be considered as the opposite of ale. While ale is fermented at high temperatures, this type of beer is brewed using cold fermentation methods. Another distinguishing ingredient of lager beers is the yeast used which ferments at cold temperatures.

Popular brands of lager beers include Heineken, Snow, Corona, Budweiser Budvar, Miller and Pilsner Urquell. Raleigh breweries will let you drink ice-cold and flavorful lager beers that will surely refresh your thirst.


Stout is the type of beer that can deceive you. While you might think that this dark-styled beer only has a strong and heavy flavor, stouts are actually available in both sweet and bitter variations. Stout beers are often associated with Ireland.

However, you can also find the great tasting stouts in Raleigh. Breweries offer tons of variations of stouts that will satisfy your cravings. You can choose from sweet and strong stouts to beers with low alcohol.


Pilsner is a pale golden beer with balanced malt and hops characteristics. This light-colored beer is refreshing and easy to drink. Pilsner is considered by brewers as being harder to brew compared to other types of beers.

Pilsner is a huge part of the Raleigh beer culture. You can get traditionally brewed Pilsner beers with a subtle bitterness and crisp finish.

Make sure to complete your Raleigh beer experience with a brewery tour. Raleigh Brews Cruise offers the most complete beer tour that will let you visit the most notable breweries in Raleigh. Book a tour now and taste the best beers that Raleigh has to offer.