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Tour Gift Cards for Maine Brews Cruise

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This time of year everyone is searching for the perfect gifts to give. Don’t stress about the proper size, style, or color. We’ve got something ready to go that will quench the thirst of the adventurous soul – gift cards for a future tour on the Maine Brews Cruise!

Why Should I Buy Maine Brews Cruise Gift Cards?

Gift cards really are the perfect gift. They are available in any amount, they can be printed out or e-mailed to the recipient, redeemed for an available tour online right on our website, and they never expire!


How Much Should I Give?

Most of our tours are priced at $85 or $90 per person. If you are looking to buy a gift card for 2, most people purchase a value of $170 which will pay in full for the vast majority of our tours.

Just note that the gift cards for each of our businesses are only good in that state. For example, a Maine gift card will not work for a tour in Rhode Island.


How Do I Buy One?

Select either the book now or buy buttons on this page, and choose the value that you would like to purchase. Don’t worry about selecting a specific day on the calendar, just use the book now button. You can enter a specific amount by selecting the other amount button.
Enter your information first, and if you would like to have a virtual gift card delivered via e-mail to the recipient you will do that at the end.
There is a small service fee assessed on the purchase by our reservation system. This fee is included in the initial Gift Card purchase so that when it is redeemed there are no extra fees involved.

What Will I Receive After The Purchase?

You will receive a 16 to 20 character code on a confirmation e-mail, as well as an option for a virtual card which can be printed out by selecting the print now button. There is also an option to e-mail the virtual card directly to the recipient. If you are giving it as a gift, you can e-mail it to yourself and print it out at home to present to the recipient.

What About An Actual Card?

If you would prefer to have an actual card sent via U.S. Mail to yourself or directly to the recipient, we can do that. After you have made the Gift Card purchase just call us at 207-200-9111 or e-mail us at and we would be happy to mail one out.

How to Redeem Gift Cards

When that special someone is ready to hop on the bright green bus, they first visit our tour calendar and select a tour. There is a field on the booking page to input the gift card code prior to checking out. Then enter the 16 to 20 character code, and the appropriate value will be deducted from the tour cost.
Buy Gift Cards online now!

a man wearing glasses and smiling at the cameraDon Littlefield is the General Manager of Maine Brews Cruise. He most recently enjoyed a few Icelandic Craft Beers at Session Craft Bar in Reykjavik while preparing this post. Twitter @BeerinME