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Fire Up Your Next Raleigh Brewery Tour with These 5 Questions

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Raleigh is a great area for beer lovers, and it is exciting to see the growth of breweries in Raleigh, NC. From simple to complex, the local brewers produce the world’s favorite fermented drink with many variations on color, taste, and style.

In the United States, beer is so popular that approximately 50 billion pints are consumed every year. If all that beer was in cans, the stack would go to the Moon and back twenty times.

If you are a craft beer fan, joining a brewery tour in Raleigh, NC is the perfect way to experience your favorite drink. Learn more about the brewery, its beer, and people on our brewery tours.

Are You Brewery Tour Ready?

For the typical beer drinker, the brewery is a mystery. The making of a great beer is hidden inside big barrels or tanks of fermented goodness. Unravel the mystery by asking the right questions while on your brewery tour.

Aside from the typical FAQs found on most brewery websites, asking a few in-depth questions about the process, ingredients, and other elements will guarantee you an unforgettable tour experience.

1. What’s unique about your beer?

Chefs nowadays share a secret or two about their masterpieces to entice customers to try their creations. The same goes for the breweries.

Have you ever wondered what’s in your beer?

The basic ingredients of beer are the same (hops, yeast, water, and grain), but what makes one product stand out from the other?

The brewers will help you understand why you prefer one style over another. You might be surprised that it’s not always the ingredients, but often the brewing process.

2. How and why did you start your brewery?

Every brewery, big or small, has a unique story to tell. Asking about their beginnings may inspire your own creative ideas for the industry.

Have you ever considered owning your own brewery?

For some people, it is their dream business. If you’ve been ignoring your brewery dream, maybe now is the time to find the passion to open a brewery. Take advantage of your tour to ask the professionals about their experiences.

3. What was your first craft beer?

Every beer lover has a story about falling in love with beer. Brewers have their own story, too, about their first craft beer. It’s like their baby. Brewers love to share their journey from their first craft beer to now.

4. How is your beer connected to the local area?

It’s not only the recipes – you’ll find it interesting how the beer and brewery is tied to the local area. Geography, history, politics and even family can all come into play when naming a craft beer.

5. Who did you make your beer for?

What inspired the brewer to make this particular beer?

It could be a family legacy or a community inspiration, and the story behind the beer is what provides the personal connection to the brewer.

The answers to these questions are enough to make you appreciate craft brew and the people behind their creation. Each beer has its own story.

Learn more and unravel the wonderful world of brewery. As Washington Irving once said, “They who drink beer, will think beer.

If you would like to book a brewery tour in the Raleigh, NC area, contact Raleigh Brews Cruise! Cheers!