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Welcome to the Team: Greg Klein

Our new Group Sales Coordinator came from our driver and guide ranks and brought a trainload of outside skills and experience to our team. Learn more now about Greg Klein in his own words.

I was born in the Bronx, New York and grew up in Manhattan as well as northern New Jersey before moving to Maine with my family in the early 90’s.  I went to junior high and high school in Brunswick then on to the University of Maine to study theater.

During my college years, I worked at Maine State Music Theater as a sound apprentice as well as the Bowdoin International Music Festival as assistant stage manager.  

I continued on to work professionally in the entertainment industry in Maine for over a decade doing production equipment rentals, sales, and support for local, national and international clients.

As my career continued I realize just what a wonderful place Maine is to live and work. I also got involved with the Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington Railway Museum in Alna Maine and quickly became a life member, rebuilding the history of this 2-foot narrow gauge railroad which had its last revenue train in 1933.  

Locomotive #9 (built 1891) is the oldest of the surviving Maine Two Footer locomotives, and only one of possibly two locomotives surviving from its builder – the Portland Company of Portland, Maine. Photo: WWFRailway on Instagram

It doesn’t matter your age, a live steam locomotive will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Maine sure has a lot of hidden gems if you look hard enough!  I soon decided to further my education and pursue a degree in tourism and hospitality through the University of Southern Maine.

I started working for The Maine Brew Bus in May of 2017.  I began driving and shortly after, guiding tours around Portland.  It was at this point that I started looking for a  way to change career paths and find a route that would allow me to continue school. (You can only take so many online classes before you have to get your hands dirty in a classroom)  

Needless to say, the search wasn’t long and I saw an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

There are moments when I am still surprised at the timing as well as my fortune to be the new Group Sales Coordinator with The Maine Brew Bus.  I am excited to bring my skills and work experience to this business and to help the company grow as well as myself. 

I love the beer scene in Portland and in Maine at large.  I make the occasional mess at home with my own home brew but it doesn’t come close to the fine offerings we can get just a short drive from our door.  

Find out for yourself by working with me to book a tour for your family, friends, or co-workers!

Greg after guiding his first tour earlier this year.

~Greg Klein

Learn more about Private and Corporate Tour options on The Maine Brew Bus!

The Group Sales Coordinator receives all incoming tour requests from groups and companies and connects them to tour opportunities and experiences that exceed their expectations and consequently motivates them to return as guests on The Maine Brew Bus. Greg works hard to know what our guests are looking for, and creates an amazing and unforgettable experience for them. Learn more by visiting the Private/Corporate tour page on our website or contacting him directly [email protected]