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Looking for some great Things to Do before or after your Charleston Brews Cruise experience?

There is so much to do in Charleston, and never enough time.

We have put together a bunch of other outstanding tours and activities from locally-owned companies that we know personally.

We wouldn’t recommend these if we didn’t know the people and their products firsthand.

Charleston Brews Cruise

Charleston Culinary Tours

Charleston Culinary Tours combines the best of Charleston’s history and food with unique tours exploring the Lowcountry tasty cuisine. Each tour highlights a unique aspect of the dynamic food and beverage scene, combining elements of a historical tour with a culinary adventure.

a plate of food on a tableThe Farm-to-Table Experience showcases the Lowcountry’s seasonal bounty and a local chef’s creative prowess.

After selecting the freshest produce and other ingredients at a neighborhood market, your chef will begin crafting the day’s findings into a multi-course lunch.

While lunch is being prepared, explore the historic Cannonborough Elliotborough neighborhood on a walking tour with a city-certified guide.

The tour concludes at a local restaurant, where your chef has prepared a one-of-a-kind feast for an authentic farm-to-table experience.

Nemeš et al. sitting posing for the cameraThe Upper King Street Culinary Tour showcases an area that has emerged with tremendous energy, showcasing culinary innovation, experimental design, and exuberant nightlife.

The restaurants featured on this 2.5-hour food tour are trailblazers in Charleston’s culinary scene, edgy and innovative, with tremendous passion for their craft.

This tour is designed to show off the modern and eclectic side of the Lowcountry while providing insight into Charleston’s ever-changing culinary scene.

a plate of foodThe 2.5-hour Downtown Charleston Culinary Tour combines elements of a historical tour with a culinary adventure!

Experience the tastiest of Charleston’s history and food while walking some of America’s oldest and most historic streets!

Through a broad range of tastings from four local food establishments that are accompanied by expert narratives from a city-certified guide, you will gain insight into traditional Lowcountry cuisine.

This is our original tour around the French Quarter and City Market and focuses on the must-try flavors of the region.

Bulldog Tours

Bulldog Tours is Charleston’s award-winning walking tour company featuring ghost tours, history tours, and culinary tours.

a group of people on a rock

The Spirits of Magnolia Cemetery Tour gives you exclusive access to Charleston’s most hauntingly beautiful Victorian burial grounds.

Originally a 1790’s rice plantation, Magnolia Cemetery was founded in 1849 on the banks of the Cooper River in Downtown Charleston.

Home to 35,000 permanent residents, including authors and poets, artists, Confederate and Union soldiers, prominent politicians, bootleggers, prostitutes, and socialites.

a group of people standing in front of a building

Join a 1.5-hour Ghost and Dungeon journey through the eerie, dark edges of Charleston’s Haunted Historic District. Learn the haunted truth about one of the oldest cities in America and hear chilling stories of Charleston ghosts, haunted houses, and Lowcountry superstitions.

Only Bulldog Tours has walking tour access to The Provost Dungeon. A cavernous space that housed prisoners during the Revolutionary War, The Dungeon’s former occupants were jailed for either treason or sedition, and some undoubtedly spent their final days here.

a dirty old room

Come aboard The USS Yorktown and hear the stories of the American Heroes who lived, died, and are still rumored to be here today.

Commissioned in 1943, the “Fighting Lady” was once manned by over 3,000 people and designed to fight off enemies all over the globe during WWII.

Hear stories of the ultimate sacrifice and heroism of the people who once inhabited this ship and dedicated their lives to our country’s service aboard this great ship. Gain exclusive access to areas of the ship that are closed to the public, including the flight deck.