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The Beer In Me

Explore the World of Coffee on our Bike and Morning Brews Tours


We love bringing our guests to learn about all types of craft beverages, even those that are non-alcoholic. In this new tour, we have teamed up with the expert coffee roaster at Rwanda Bean to bring you an all-ages bicycle-based offering: Bike and Morning Brews tours! Many people really love coffee. They get fresh whole…

Introducing…Maine Brews Cruise!

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After nine years of being known as The Maine Brew Bus, we have aligned our craft beverage tour and activity operations with that of the national company we acquired last year. Please welcome Maine Brews Cruise! It is now official: our Portland-based companies are now truly recognized as part of the Brews Cruise brand. It signals…

Fresh Air and Craft Beverages Can Be Found On Our Bike And Brews Tours

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Join us for a fun biking outing to discover great craft beverages in Portland on our Bike and Brews tours. Now featuring three different themed itineraries available nearly every day from May through November! With so many craft beverage producers located near safe biking paths, we have expanded our Bike and Brews bicycle tour program…

Discover the Unexpected on our Walk, Talk, and Taste Tours

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Our walking brewery tours are nothing new. In fact, we have offered them for several years now. But you will probably not be surprised that they have never been so popular as they have been over the past year. Our Walk, Talk, and Taste tours hit the bricks of the Old Port starting this Saturday,…

Plan Your Visit To Maine Now And Join Us For A Local Drink

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Recent changes in Maine’s policies now allow for guests from all New England states to visit Maine without any test or quarantine requirements. Guests from any state that have been fully vaccinated or have previously been infected are also exempt from those requirements, effective immediately. Great timing, as we have tours currently available for booking…