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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brewery Tour

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brewery Tour Are you excited to go on a brewery tour? Going on a trip can be very exciting especially when it is your first time experiencing a new adventure. Just like any other tour, you also need to plan and prepare when going on a brewery tour….

Raleigh Brews Cruise in Walter Magazine

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Just when you thought you’ve got it covered, Raleigh Brews Cruise will take it to the next level! A beer enthusiast takes on a journey and shares his beery-exciting experience with Raleigh Brews Cruise. The Raleigh Brews Cruise will let you experience the fun and excitement of touring the craft beer capital of North Carolina….

5 Health Benefits of Beer

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5 Reasons Why Beer Is Good For You Is beer good for your health? Beer is an alcoholic beverage. It is typically made from water, yeast, hops, and grains such as malted barley. In this day and age, beer has evolved into different types, styles, and flavors. Whether it is an ale or a lager,…

The Best Breweries in New Orleans

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10 Best Breweries that You can Tour with New Orleans Brews Cruise New Orleans is a city in Louisiana located along the Mississippi River. This city is known as the Big Easy because of its round-the-clock and active nightlife. It is also known as a good tourist destination. One of the best things they can…

Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’ in Raleigh

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Planning for an Event or a Party? Planning a surprise party for a friend, officemate, classmate, or a loved one? Thinking of a unique bachelor or bachelorette party theme? Or perhaps wanting to put a fun touch to your company retreat? Look no further! Raleigh Brews Cruise offers amazing private brewery tour packages that will…

10 Must-Try Brews in the Carolinas

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10 Must-Try Brewed to Perfection Beers in North and South Carolina North and South Carolina are greatly endowed with tourist destinations including Charleston, Asheville, Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina, Hilton Head, and Greenville. When visiting the Carolinas, one of the most exciting and interesting items that should be in your bucket list…

Greenville Brews Cruise

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About Us Greenville is the largest city in Greenville County, South Carolina. Greenville has long been known as The Textile Capital of the World until the textile industry mostly moved overseas.   In the last few decades, favorable wages and tax benefits, as well as prestigious awards and flattering reviews have attracted foreign companies to…

Award Winning Raleigh Brewery Tours

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The Craft Beer Capital of the South North Carolina has been recognized as the State of Southern Beer, boasting about 245 craft breweries and beer pubs. In fact, the Triangle area which includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill has 40 craft breweries. Raleigh, NC, being known as the Oak City, has been recognized as the…

Take a Sip of These 3 Brew-mazing Advantages of U.S. Brewery Tours

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Joining a brewery tour is a perfect way to taste a selection of brews and at the same time learn more about this growing culinary tourism. In 2016, the Brewery Association reported a 10%-dollar sales growth, with over $23 billion in the craft beer market. With this, more breweries are now operating in the US…

Brewery Tours: The Beer Learning Experience

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Brewery What is a Brewery? A brewery is a place where beer is processed and sold.  The process of making beer begun around 2500 BC, and has revolutionized over time.  Brewing began as a personal hobby being done through fermentation at home. In the 9th century, beers were being brewed in farms and monasteries mostly…